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InBody devices are non-invasive and tests are completed in less than 60 seconds. InBody data can be used to fluctuations and fine tune the process of bringing dialysis patients to the appropriate dry weight. InBody devices can also be used to determine where a patient is holding excess water and track fluid movement. This accurate, reproducible information doesn’t rely on empirical data and therefore, reflects the patient.

Why is body composition analysis

an effective tool for dialysis programs?

InBody devices take the guesswork out of dialysis treatments to help identify the most effective treatment options for the patient and obtain the ideal goal weight. In 60 seconds, professionals can use the InBody to:

  • Obtain objective fluid measures to guide goal weight management

  • Assess muscle and fat mass to make nutritional changes

  • Evaluate segmental fluid imbalances to identify circulation issues

What is in the E-book?

How to use InBody in Nephrology

  • Chapter 1: What is Body Composition
  • Chapter 2: The Measure of Fluid Balance
  • Chapter 3: Manage the Fluid Overload
  • Chapter 4: Early Detection of Muscle Wasting
  • Chapter 5: Screen the Circulation Issues
  • Chapter 6: Testimonials

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