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  • InBody’s body composition big data solution for personal trainers, ‘LB Trainer’, wins the CES 2024 Innovation Award.
  • Over 100 million body composition big data points gathered through solid hardware… Awarded for its innovation in accelerating industry development.
  • An InBody official stated, “Our big data healthcare solution, amassed directly through hardware, is uniquely InBody’s. This award will be a stepping stone to enhance our value as a global healthcare company.”

InBody LB Trainer CES 2024 Innovation Award Press Image

InBody’s hardware-based healthcare solution has been recognized for its innovation on the global stage.

Global healthcare company InBody Co., Ltd., co-represented by Kichul Cha and Ra-mi Lee, announced that its body composition big data solution LB Trainer won an Innovation Award in the Sports & Fitness category ahead of CES 2024.

With the Innovation Award, InBody is globally recognized for its unique technology in “Hardware-based healthcare solution.” InBody’s solution, derived from big data collected directly through hardware and the precision of its hardware, is recognized for its uniqueness that cannot be replicated or processed by any external solution.

This is the first time InBody has won an award for a big data solution on the international stage since its founding in 1996. InBody has previously won Innovation Awards at CES 2015, 2017, and 2020 for InBody BAND, InBody WATCH, and InBody970, respectively. InBody, which pioneered the body composition analysis market, is now making its leap into the hardware-based body composition big data market.

LB Trainer is a healthcare solution for personal trainers. It operates on InBody’s unique body composition dataset and AI technology, consisting of over 100 million global body composition data points and over 18 million tracking data points.

Key features include AI-predicted changes in body composition, posture measurement and evaluation, and food detection and quantity estimation technologies. The AI-predicted changes in body composition utilizes Neural Network technology to calculate upper and lower body muscle and fat circulation scores, predicting weekly body composition changes based on exercise intensity, type, and goals. This feature, considering weight changes, diet, exercise, and metabolic rate, makes training programs more effective through visualized data.

LB Trainer offers a posture measurement service based on deep learning technology that captures a member’s overhead squat posture before a workout to accurately analyze their body balance and shape. The results are based on years of testing by skilled trainers and InBody’s clinical research team. Moreover, its food detection and quantity estimation technology analyzes calories and nutrients from food photos in real time, providing visualized data and nutritional guidance to users, contributing significantly to this award.

Developed in collaboration with skilled fitness trainers and InBody’s clinical research and big data teams, LB Trainer is structured to enable trainers to provide focused consulting to members, from initial consultation to body examination, result review, AI-predicted exercise and diet recommendations. InBody plans a phased global launch of LB Trainer, starting with South Korea and the United States in the first half of 2024.

Chang-eun Choi, Vice President of InBody, said, “While there are many big data solutions in the world, InBody is unique in the market for big data-based healthcare solutions that are directly accumulated by companies through hardware. With the CES 2024 Innovation Award, InBody will further strengthen its hardware technology and actively invest in the body composition big data business to enhance its value as a global healthcare company.”

In August, InBody announced that it had surpassed 100 million InBody data points worldwide, based on its hardware. Since then, InBody has been accelerating the commercialization of big data solutions not only for personal trainers but also for corporate and medical purposes, leading the global innovation ecosystem in healthcare based on body composition big data.

InBody LB Trainer Planning and Development Team: The LB Trainer Planning and Development team commemorating the CES 2024 Innovation Award with a photo shoot at InBody’s headquarters in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, South Korea. The photo includes Vice President Chang-eun Choi(front and center) and team members from clinical research, W development, UX, APP development, and big data research.

More information on InBody is available at and on official social media channels: LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

About InBody,
InBody is a global leader in body composition analysis, committed to delivering accurate and reliable health assessment technologies. Founded in 1996 by Dr. Kichul Cha, InBody has a widespread presence in over 80 countries, empowering individuals and healthcare professionals with precise data for informed decisions about health and wellness.

About the LB Trainer,
LB Trainer is a solution for personal trainers. LB Trainer is a solution that simplifies the complex tasks that personal trainers must perform, automates time-consuming tasks, and provides a clear vision of training so that trainers can confidently focus on their clients during sessions. LB Trainer is powered by InBody’s unique “body composition dataset” of over 100 million global body composition data, 18 million tracked individuals, and AI. Among the various features of LB Trainer, three representative features are AI body composition change prediction, deep learning posture assessment, and Nutri-Cup, a food detection and portion estimation service.

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